About me

My name is Luca and I’m nine. I started this food blog with my mum because it will help other children to try to be more adventurous with food and try new things, so they don’t miss out. After all, if you’d never tried ice cream, you wouldn’t know how much you like it would you!?

My mum is called Dolly* and although it was our idea together she does do most of the writing/ typing because it’s quicker!

*not her real name – it’s the nickname I call her. She finds it a bit embarrassing.

About the blog

Every now and then (maybe every two weeks, maybe a little more if we’ve been especially busy with our Lego and stuff), we’re going to give you a few recipes to try some good ingredients. We’ll also find out where that food comes from – how it’s made or where it grows.

You don’t have to make all the recipes – the idea is you can choose one each time – the one that appeals most (and obviously your parents are probably making this meal so might have to decide). For a start, week one is capers. Do you know where capers come from? No, I don’t either but we’re going to find out. I do like eating them though. I ask for them on my pizza in Pizza Express and get some strange looks from the waiters sometimes.

So, for each ingredient, we’ll post some information about what it is and then some recipes for your mum or dad to make with you or for you.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Luca

    We absolutely love your blog!

    We are a kids and family research agency and we are always on the look out for cool kids and tweens to write trend reports for us and we thought you would be amazing at it!

    If you are interested get your mum or dad to send us an email [edited]


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