Review: Crosta & Mollica Ready to Top Pizza Base

Do you find it annoying when pizzas bought in the shops to cook at home don’t have your favourite toppings? Well now you can buy these pizza bases with tomato sauce on to add whatever you want to. My mum spotted them in our supermarket and we tried them. It was really fun putting the toppings on. I had mozzarella and mushrooms and CAPERS of course. My mum had mozzarella and mushrooms which is what she always has.

The Munchbox taster’s verdict: we added quite chewy special pizza mozzarella and that was nice. The edges of the pizza are crunchy but not too crispy or dry. It’s quite good because on normal pizzas you can’t choose where things go and there’s just tomato not cheese at the edges but on these pizzas you can choose to put things where you like and I like cheese to the edges and that is why I rate it 10/10.  Really nice – one of the best pizzas I’ve had and better than making your own from scratch if you do not have time to roll out the dough and all that.

Caution: this pizza is very filling so don’t buy too many!

p.s. choose your cheese carefully, if you buy normal mozzarella, otherwise you’ll end up with a soggy pizza.

Note from Luca’s mum: This is a totally independent review. We bought the pizzas in our local supermarket and had had no contact with the company prior to writing this.

The box:


Out of the box:


Topped and in the oven: IMG_20141020_185755

Ready to eat:



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