Restaurants: no more fish fingers/ chicken nuggets/ burger only kids’ menus please!

Look, we all like these foods occasionally (hey a fish finger sandwich smothered in ketchup and with a slither of melted cheese on top, is hard to beat) BUT if we see another kids’ menu in a restaurant which reads something like the following, we will run off screaming towards the nearest supermarket and just go home and make our own dinner thank you very much.

Here is an example of a kids’ menu that left Luca groaning with culinary boredom:


Adventurous young eaters clearly not welcome here then.

Now fair enough, it’s great if you’re say, two years old, and we can see the need for a few plainer options for some children but hang on a minute, restauranteurs of the world, it’s a little patronising to assume this is all any kid wants and it’s a lot boring. It makes us do a great big foodie YAWN.

So what do we want instead?

Fine, yes have a few simple meals and some stuff for our tiddly toddler brothers and sisters but please can we have more interesting meals too? If your mum and dad are tucking into fantastic food and enjoying it, not all children want to sit there with a plate of nuggets and chips for company thanks.

So the solution? Go back to the old days when most chefs were happy to knock up a half portion of a selection of more grown-up meals. We know this isn’t going to work with a few things that are probably bought in in set sizes (as in 8oz steaks) but we bet there’s lots of stuff you can do it with. Go on chefs of Britain! Help us be more adventurous!

And by way of example, here’s a perfect half portion dish of haddock, poached egg and mustard that the fabulous Boathouse in Ely knocked up for our seven-year-old diner:



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