Go with the mango!

Have a go with mango…

These fruity beauties are a huge favourite in the FFF household. We have a few friends and relatives who live in India and Dolly used to wonder why on earth they would cart a huge crate of mangoes all the way to the UK using their already struggling luggage allowance for the flight. Then she tried them and it all became clear. Tropical tastiness! Velvety fruitiness!

As a fruit, you’ve guessed it, you’ll find them in the fruit and veg section of the supermarket. Be careful when choosing one because if the mango is hard it won’t be ready to eat immediately which will mean you have to delay trying them and therefore wait for your next FFF points!

Your ideal mango should be very slightly squashy when you press it on the outside.

They are a little messy so make sure that they don’t come into contact with any pale clothes or your mum and dad might not be best pleased…

You will gain another FAB FUN FOOD CLUB point for trying them! (We’ll tell you more about this soon but the more foods you try, the more points you’ll get and this will work towards certificates your parents can print for you).

What are they?

Mangoes are a fairly large fruit that grow on trees. They grew in India originally but over the years, other tropical countries have caught onto their loveliness and started growing them too. They are still the national fruit of India (now there’s a question, does the UK have a national fruit?)

What are they used for?

Mainly an ingredient in puddings, they also make a super snack and sometimes get used in salads and main courses.

OK ready to try them? Here are your ideas and recipes for food 2: mangoes:


Very, very easy to make. This one might take just a few minutes.




Remember nothing ventured nothing gained is our motto at FFF. If you don’t like them, you won’t have lost anything.